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Total Logistics, Shipping Company In Malaysia

All Star Global has been in the forefront of providing excellent and reliable services in response to logistics needs of a broad-based client spectrum since its establishment in 2001.

The main core of our services revolves around a refined and well-developed lorry transport system. Our effective and well-managed cargo service has been steering the movement of goods in Malaysia and Singapore and we’re soon expanding to accommodate the broader South East Asia region as well.

With our extensive fleet of lorries plus a vast knowledge of the Malaysian-Singaporean road network, you can rely on us to get your wares to your destined location within a short frame.

On that note, our operations are mainly geared towards warehouse distribution of different sized goods. We have the logistical capacity to cater for the distribution of merchandise ranging from loose goods such as pallets, drums, and cartons to heavy artillery such as construction material, machines, vehicle cargo etc.

In addition to that, our company also specializes in offering cost effective and comprehensive logistic management solutions as characterized by our innovative service portfolio.

This includes:


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Why All-Star Global Logistics ?

Reliable and competent

Our fully-fledged services are highlighted by excellence and professionalism. You can depend on us to handle your logistics requirements in a timely and adept fashion. We operate on a next-day delivery policy, and most of our deliveries are done within two days after placing the order.

Cost effective and affordable

We have some of the best and most competitive rates that you can’t find anywhere. Our fees and charges are not only fair but also straight forward and void of any ambiguity. We are always available for any inquiries you might have regarding our rates.

Committed and capable

We place a maximum and equal priority on all orders placed with us. We always go out of our way to see that our client’s projects are executed in time and with the highest level of expertise. Additionally, our consolidated service is pegged on putting the needs of the client first.

Dedicated and qualified staff

In All Star, the customer is part of our close-knit family. Our staffs and personnel are proficient and well-versed with the inside knowledge of logistics planning and challenges, to guarantee a convenient completion of orders. On top of that, we dedicate the best of our efforts in ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Effective and close communication

We understand the importance of keeping in touch with our clients on a regular basis as a way of updating them on the progress of their projects. As one of the leading logistic companies, the policy behind all operations to maintain an open line of communication with our clients at all time.

If you’re looking for a reliable & competent logistics company,
place an order with us today and enjoy the difference.


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