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Explore Our Contracts Logistics Service.

For many years now, All Star Global has been in the forefront of providing reliable and excellent services in response to the logistics needs of a broad-based clientele.

Our contract logistics services extend beyond simple warehousing and in effect encompass a wider scope of cargo management services.

Besides, our logistical services are bolstered by a well-developed lorry transport system that has roots all over South East Asia.

We will also be expanding our network to encircle the larger Middle Eastern front in the next few years.

On that note, our contract logistics services are inclusive but limited to the following;

Import clearance from any part in the world.
We understand that your business proceeds are likely to suffer if your goods are delayed unnecessarily at the ports.

Hence, unlike other logistical companies, we will step in and see to it that your imports are cleared as soon as possible and within the shortest time frame. Pertinent issues such as tariff classifications, confirmation of country of origins, customs appraisements, etc are best left to us – the experienced forwarder.

Monitoring and tracking cargo movement.

Are you tired of losing shipments to careless but avoidable shipping errors?

If so, get in touch with us and enjoy a world-class cargo shipment experience.

Thanks to RFID technology, our personnel in the transit department can now track your parcel as it leaves our warehouse to your customer’s doorstep. You no longer have to fret about unnecessary losses or damages before your product reaches the consumer.

Aside from that, our fully-fledged logistic contract services will also include the following extra services;

  • Picking, sorting, and labelling.
    We will make sure that your packages are delivered to the right customer and in time.

  • Stuffing, Un-stuffing to and from container and storing at our warehouse.
    All parcels in our custody are handled with utmost care. Expect very minimal losses resulting from accidental damages or drops during shipment.

  • Daily distribution according to our clients’ instructions.
    In case you have a particular distribution routine you want us to adhere to, feel free to give a call, and we’ll be glad to discuss it with you.

  • Stock card and monthly stock movement report.
    We will keep you updated regarding the progress your cargo or shipment, starting from the moment we receive it from you to when it reaches your customer’s doorstep.
  • Why us?

    As far as logistic contracts go, we are the leading authorities in this field. Professionalism coupled with excellence is the mark of our shipping services. Besides, we always operate on a next-day delivery policy and 90% of all orders done are delivered to our client’s customers promptly.

    In addition, we place unrivalled importance to all our customer’s delivery orders and have cultivated a culture of close communication with all clients as a way of improving the quality of our services. Give us a call today or leave an email below and let us take care of everything for you.

    Alternatively, you can also leave your cargo with us at our All Star Warehouse, and we will be pleased to arrange a speedy delivery to your customer’s doorstep.


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