Transportation Management and Distribution

We at All Star provide solutions to all land transportation management and distribution obstacles. We offer a full scale of transportation services for every small and large need. From standardized shipments to tailor made solutions to fit your specific transportation needs.

We offer a varying range of options using our own modern fleet. Our expertise in land transportation services is wide and varies from project logistics to international transportation, domestic retail, distribution, and delivery.

Our conveniently tailored network is flexible and comprehensive to meet your requirements regarding service delivery, angled towards availing a single unit of contact to all your land transportation needs.

  • Full Truck Load Services
  • Less Truck Load Services
  •  Consolidation / Distribution Services
  • Multiple Drop as well as Pick Up Distribution Services
  • Cross Border Services
  • Dedicated Fleet Services
  • Land Transportation
  • Fitting all sizes
    We offer a wide range of solutions regarding your land transportation needs executed by a fully capable and well-equipped fleet. For every land transportation need we have the right vehicle. High, heavy, or vulnerable cargo. You name it!

    We can transport it
    The key to doing a good job is having the right tools and using the right vehicle. Hire the expertise of a logistical All Star that has all the right tools. Low loaders As the name states a low loader has a very low reach allowing for land transportation of very high payloads.

    These loaders are made to be able to carry loads of over 3.5 meters in height. Light in weight these loaders do not consume a lot of fuel and are very maneuverable and quick. Making them suited for a whole spectrum of land transportation tasks.

    We provide regular console (loose cargo) service to Penang, Perak, Malacca, Johor and Singapore.  

    However, we are still the effective and complete service provider, since we provide transportation services to every corner all over the Malaysia and Singapore. 

    Double Axle Trailers (40ft)
    Especially suited for cargo that is more vulnerable the double axel trailers offer more stability and shock resistance. The dual axle feature absorbs more of the shocks of land transportation and offers a safer journey for your precious cargo.

    More sturdy, more durable, and heavier, these double axle trailers trade their solid motion for a bit higher fuel consumption. This is due to the extra weight the second axle and additional pair of tires adds on top.

    Lorries – 1T/3T/10T/20T & Low Loader
    Otherwise known simply as “trucks” we offer several sizes and payload capacities. We can transport very large payloads for you, but will always try to use the perfect fit where possible.

    The lorries are multi-functional and suited for any type of payload. Depending on the tonnage, the fuel consumption becomes greater. If your cargo is less than a 1T, why go for three?

    Cared for by All Star Global Logistics at All Star specialists handle your logistical solution.
    Using experienced handlers and drivers that will advise you on the best solution to your land transportation payload.

    These experienced logistic experts will know immediately what to do, and how to do it. This can save you a lot of time, effort, and headaches. With us, you know your cargo transportation is safely and securely handled.

    We take the greatest care and always make the safety of your cargo a top priority.
    The result is a fast and efficient delivery, leaving you time to focus on your priorities. With extended expertise in land transportation All Star Global Logistics offers you a stress free option for a vast number of logistic requirements.

    As the customers need is our first priority, we will provide you trustworthy service, whether it may be international, domestic rail, distribution, or delivery.

    The all-round service we have available is an ideal solution for your logistic requirements, saving you money, time, and limited stress. With your cargo’s safety and security, as a top priority, you can rest assured that you have found the best logistics supplier, ensuring you fast and efficient delivery, while you focus on the priorities more important to your company.


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