Sea Freight

Your Trusted Domestics & International Sea Freight Forwarding Service

When time is not an issue and cost is your primary concern, you need a reliable and affordable provider for your shipment. Especially if you are looking to send bulky items within the country or overseas economically, you can try our sea freight services.

We are a global supplier of transport and logistical solutions providing both Domestics & International Sea Freight Forwarding Services.

With many offices around the country and all over the world, we also partner with international network of trusted freight partners and agents. This makes us a truly global company that you can rely on to ship your goods to any location in the world. We are professional in our approach, providing customised solutions to all our clients in a convenient manner.

Domestics & International Sea Freight Forwarding Services

We offer an all-inclusive service to make sure that your shipment arrives safely whether by sea. With our team of professionals, we can handle normal deliveries to complex logistics from the exporter’s factory to locations specified by our clients. Through our global network of partners and agents, you can always rely on us to address your shipment needs on the go.

Our logistic solutions include and are not limited to the following Custom Brokerage Regulation, Procedures and Forwarding Services. We are pleased to let you experience our excellent service. Working with our knowledgeable staffs, you will never go wrong when it comes to adherence to common custom tariff terms, regulations and procedures.

At our freight division, our client’s interest always come first and we make sure that we address their logistic needs adequately. If you are in Malaysia, we offer a free consultation service and our staffs will also manage your document submissions needs and clearance at designated custom stations.

Our local staffs are experienced and when you require a full clearing and forwarding services for shipments, they can comfortably handle such requests. Whichever destination you need your shipment forwarded to all over the world, we will fulfil your global freight requirements.

Our team of highly trained and experienced international sea freight delivery specialists can handle the following:

  • Customs documentation at all customs terminals within Malaysia.

  • Health & Veterinary Goods.

  • Submission of Permit Applications to SIRIM, MIDA and MITI.

  • Arrange for and also be in attendance during Fumigation and SGS Inspection procedures.

  • We will consolidate your consignment with numerous other domestic and international shippers to make your shipment less costly through our network of first class shipping lines.
  • With our Domestic Freight Solutions, delivery can also be from depot to your door whether you are sending items across town or another part of the country.

    Call Us Today to find the best solution that meets your shipment and logistic needs.

    We offer alternative routes and can also process orders on our flexible schedules to suit even the most demanding logistical requirements locally and also to and from all parts of the world. We know how important it is for you to send items countrywide or overseas.

    With our sea freight service, you can reach all your international destinations through a single service provider. In us, you have a partner who understands your concerns and responds flexibly.


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